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2017 POLARIS Ranger XP 900 Transmission Assembly oem #:1333704

ITrack Pro $2399.00
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2017 POLARIS Ranger XP 900 Transmission Assembly $2399.00
Tag #: 7818 
OEM #: 1333704  
VIN #: 4XARTE878H8022751  
RECONDITIONED: All RPM rebuilt transmissions are completely taken apart. All cases are hot-tanked and/or pressure-washed. All internals are completely inspected. All bearings are always replaced. Shift forks and gears are inspected and replaced if needed. All seals are replaced. Backlash is set to oem spec. This transmission 's turf mode gears have been deleted. The turf mode actuator is still installed, but it will not engage/disengage any gears. Turf mode seems to be a problem for many polaris owners so we have upgraded this transmission so that it does not detonate from oem design flaws.

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